Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at Futures. We absolutely love hearing customers' thoughts, feelings and ideas and it's thanks to customers who do express their opinions for changes we've made.

Last year, communal areas, particularly external communal areas, were a hot topic. Feedback from a survey last year revealed that just 45% were satisfied with their external communal areas, and we received some dissatisfied comments from My Voice members around grass cuttings and fly tipping. 

  • "They don't come round to mow the grass properly, window never changed for over six years, neighbour's hoarding rubbish." 
  • "Did ours yesterday but they always leave some sticking up around the edges and around the street lights so it looks untidy." 
  • "Because if you ask them to do anything they'll do it for you, although they are some issues like the grass isn't mowed as much as it used to be." 

So, what did we do over this last year to address this?

1. We created a leaflet explaining why we changed the way we cut the grass in areas around customers' homes. 

2. We stopped using a harmful weedkiller four years ago and it's been a big project to find a suitable alternative. Read how we've now got safer weedkiller at the ready.

3. If we've not been able to cut grass, we now leave behind a card explaining why we weren't able to complete the job so our customers understand why.

4. Our garden maintenance team contacted customers who raised issues in the customer relationship survey, so we now fully understand what needs improving in external communal areas.

5. We made more information available to customers by updating the information on The Help Hub, Just search for ‘communal areas’ if you want to know more.