Improving our sustainability is a core theme in our corporate plan so we work with specialist consultancy SHIFT to get an independent perspective on our progress.

SHIFT specialises in environmental reporting of the social housing sector. Last November they again reviewed the environmental impact of our existing homes, new build homes, offices and operations, strategy and management, and supply chain. 

Steph Quinn, Sustainability Assistant at Futures said; "We're so pleased to have achieved a silver certificate and a score of 47.15! For our first assessment last year we were awarded bronze, so this demonstrates such a significant improvement for Futures. 

"We retain the sliver certificate for our SHIFT Environmental Impact Assessment with a score of 47.15, which was awarded in November 2022. Our assessments to-date tell us that 83.3% of our existing homes are at low risk of flooding and 96.8% are at low risk of overheating."