This year we've focused more than ever on engaging with the people and communities that we house and support. We've restructured teams, created new roles and put a big emphasis on getting out and about more. 

It’s easy for an organisation to say that it cares about the community and its customers, but as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. So this year we've focused on actions - to prove we’re not just paying lip service, we’re genuinely engaging and making a difference.

This year we...

Donated clothes... charities and homeless centres.

0 kg

Handed out free winter warm packs... customers which included a blanket, fluffy socks and torch.

0 packs

Planted trees to celebrate the life of HRH Queen Elizabeth II...

...including many fruit trees native to our region.

0 trees

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Engaging with communities

Janene Haywood, our Community Engagement Project Delivery Officer, talks about how we have supported and engaged with communities during the year.