We’ve revamped our carbon literacy training this year and transformed it into 'Carbon heroes: the race to net zero!' This training is important to us, and it means that every one of our employees is aware of sustainability in the workplace and in the housing sector.

Carbon literacy training helps organisations to better understand the climate-related costs and effects of their every day actions. It also motivates people to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and gives them the practical knowledge and tools to do so.

The aim of this training is to arm our colleagues with knowledge about sustainable home building and management and to help them to make different choices in the workplace to combat the carbon crisis. 

Luke Stanley, HR Change Associate said; “We know that behaviour change can account for a 22% reduction in home energy efficiency measures. That's why we've created a bespoke training course which is being delivered to all team members. The session asks team members to act as an executive team making decisions based on the four key parts of our strategy - our customers, our assets, our culture and our governance - all while racing to reach net zero.”