This year has seen the beginning of many changes in our Neighbourhoods team as they set out to expand and become a more community-based service.

We've created new roles and hired more staff to ensure we keep making a positive contribution to the communities where our customers live. While a lot of these changes are ongoing (including a yet to be announced name change for the team) we’ve still had a year where we’ve managed to be out on the streets more and engaged with more community groups than before.

Our Neighbourhoods team organises estate walkabouts. These regular tours of the community are a chance for the public to give feedback about where they live, and tell us if there’s anything more we can do to help.

It's also important that we work closely with partners, as understandably we're not responsible for everything that happens in our customers' neighbourhoods. That's why we invite the police, fire service, community groups and local councils along to - so we can all work together to support our customers’ communities the best we can.

This year we...

Visited estates and met with residents... more than 60 towns and villages where our customers live.

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