Most weedkiller has devastating effects on wildlife and their habitats. Bees and butterflies are vulnerable to the herbicides in weedkiller since the chemicals can destroy or reduce the availability of their food sources.

Harsh chemicals can also have negative effects on soil and water. When they soak into soil or water they can harm aquatic life, reduce water quality and kill important microorganisms that are vital for soil health.

So last year, we officially made the switch to a safer and environmentally friendly weedkiller called Foamstream. It uses a mixture containing potato starch and combines it with boiling water, which then comes out as foam. The foam acts like a blanket and effectively cooks the weeds - think what happens to spinach when cooked!

It took us four long years of trying to find the best solution. We'd previously used a glyphosate weedkiller mix and while this is a common ingredient in most weedkillers, we went cold turkey after taking stock of just how much of this we were using.

Eco friendly weed killer

Foamstream uses a hot foam spray instead of chemical weedkiller, which is healthier for the environment. The mixture goes down into the soil, killing the roots, using only natural products. So don't be scared if you see the weedkiller on a street near you, or maybe you should be... watch the video to decide.