We all know the chances of being struck by lightning are incredibly slim, yet for one family living in a Futures home in Northamptonshire, this rarity became their reality.

In November last year, Fiona, her partner Stephen and two children Analise and Ethan, were all watching a lightning storm from the comfort of their three-story home. Fiona said: “I was sat in my bedroom, Analise was in her own room and Stephen and Ethan were together. So we were all watching, then suddenly I heard this massive bang. I heard Stephen shout, 'we’ve been struck by lightning!’ and everything became a bit of a blur, as it all happened so quickly.”

At first, Fiona wasn’t sure if Stephen meant him and Ethan had been struck or the house. Fiona said: “It was frightening, and I didn’t know what had happened.”

Miraculously, the family of four were not harmed despite the fact that Stephen and Ethan were only feet away from where the bolt had hit. The strike caused damage in the attic and the electrics to blow, including the TV, Wi-Fi and boiler. This left the family without hot water and heating for almost a week.

Fiona said: “We all ran downstairs, figuring out what we should do but trying to stay calm for the kids, as they were panicking.” 

Fiona rang the fire service who advised them to leave the house due to being able to smell smoke coming from the attic. Their neighbours, who had seen the bolt of lightning strike the house, invited them in. Fortunately, the house didn’t catch fire and the fire service said this was only because the rain had dampened the attic.

Fiona said: “We’ve had that many people come in and out our home fixing things for us, but everyone has been so efficient. Futures have been absolutely fantastic. They’re replacing the main fuse box and putting surge protection in the attic. I’ve never had any issues in the past with Futures when I’ve needed repairs either.”

Understandably the whole family have been quite shaken, especially the children who didn’t want to return back to the house at first. Fiona said: “It took a lot of reassurance to get them back in, it was quite traumatising for us all, but they’re okay now. Kids are quite robust really!

"Looking back on it, we were unlucky but very lucky at the same time. It could’ve been so much worse!”