Corinne has worked for Futures for three and a half years as a neighbourhood officer, a role where there’s no such thing as an average day. She might be involved in safeguarding vulnerable people, dealing with antisocial behaviour, meeting other agencies and organisations or even visiting abandoned properties to find out what’s going on. She likes working in an agile environment, sometimes out in the community and sometimes in one of our touchdown points or offices, so Futures suits her really well!

We’ve recently been running estate walkabouts in our neighbourhoods, aiming to get out and speak to our customers about things they’d like us to be aware of around their homes.

During a recent visit, Corinne was made aware of an abandoned sofa in someone’s front garden that had been there for a little while. Knowing the customer, she recognised that this was very out-of-character and decided to pay a visit – to address the sofa issue, but also just to make sure that everything was going okay for the resident.

When chatting to the customer, Corinne noticed they were having a tough time, and in need of some extra support to manage at home. Speaking to our Money Advice team, she was able to get the customer the support she needed, and even recommended that the customer’s daughter speak to our Employment Advice team – so she could get some extra help with finding work in a very difficult climate. The family is now doing better and feeling more secure in their home.

What started as a community concern about an abandoned piece of furniture has resulted in someone being able to get the support they needed to manage their home and get back on track – a great example of how our neighbourhoods team can help when things have gone a little astray.