This year we introduced our new customer relationship management (CRM) system. We wanted a new system that creates an effortless experience for both our employees and our customers, which will improve and transform how we work.

We're using Microsoft Dynamics, a CRM system that integrates data from our key systems and creates one source of information about our customers and service performance. 

It's important that our staff have the right information and tools they need to do their job so that when a customer contacts us, they have all the information they need to resolve things quickly - ideally there and then. Or, if they can’t give that answer first time, then it’s easier for our colleagues to get the answers they need from other teams across Futures.

Find out more about our new CRM system

Angeline Ellson, our CRM Implementation Project Manager, explains how our new systems will help our teams provide a faster, more joined-up and more effective service to our customers.