Danny worked with Lisa, one of our tenancy support workers, to move into his new Futures home and get settled in. She suggested that he get in touch with our Employment Advice team to explore volunteering. Daniel, one of our employability officers, met with Danny and talked to him about his interests and skills, and it became clear that he was very hands on and wanted to do something that got him into the outdoors. Daniel also put him in touch with David from Amber Valley CVS and together they looked into what would be the best fit for Danny around his interests, needs and time constraints.

“Dan and David are top blokes, if it weren’t for them I’d be stuck.”

After a successful trial, Danny started volunteering at a popular tourist attraction in Derbyshire, helping to maintain the gardens and making sure they're in top condition for visitors. He also supports weekend events by staffing the car park and directing traffic. He’s recently started another role at a local farm where he drives one of the quads, lays out hay and water and – a very important, if not very glamourous, job – helps clear the alpaca poo from the enclosures!

“If you don’t clear up the alpaca poo quickly enough then it can kill them, so it’s vital that it’s done properly!”

Dan has loved his experience working with Danny to make sure he's found the right fit for him.

"I’m really pleased we had such a successful outcome for Danny. His is a good story because it highlights strong links between teams here at Futures and other agencies."

"Working with Danny was easy because he's such a polite, fun person. The challenge for us was to find something he'd enjoy that was local to him, and somewhere that appreciated all the skills Danny offers an organisation - he brings energy, reliability and a lot of jokes! In return, he has learned many new skills from those experienced team members and volunteers who have given him their time."

"The growth I've seen in Danny's confidence and happiness in such a short space is very rewarding. I say it’s our success, but in reality the success is very much Danny making the most of opportunities we have been able to give him."

For Danny, working with Dan and the team at Futures has made a huge impact on his life.

“Before, I didn’t have anybody, and I didn’t know where to turn. I wasn’t getting any support where I was before, and now my life has changed. I’ve got my volunteering and I’m going to church, and I have my mates around me. It’s all thanks to Futures."