Kate, a tenancy support worker in the Tenancy Support team, has worked at Futures since November 2022 and has worked in social housing for over 20 years. When she’s not busy at Futures, you'll find her running around after her four-year-old, playing netball, spending time with family and friends and being outdoors as much as possible. But when she is busy at work she could be in all kinds of places, as she explains...

“I started today visiting a leisure centre to arrange swimming lessons for the five-year-old son of one of my customers. His mum is widowed and struggling financially, and the son has been taken out of school. I’d contacted Buttle charity, which helps young people and children in the UK, and managed to get funding for six months of swimming lessons as well as some other items they needed. They also got booster lessons and the leisure centre added in goggles and a swim hat, so the child was really excited to get started.

"I then went to pick up bank statements from a customer with dementia and other health issues, which were needed to get support from Derbyshire Discretionary Fund for a new cooker. I also spoke with the Dementia Society on tips to help keep the customer safe while cooking.

"After this, I completed an initial appointment with a new customer. This involved putting together a financial statement (so going through all their income and outgoings), a benefit check and then we discussed their support needs. This all helped me to create a suitable support plan for the customer.

"The rest of the day was spent on the phone. I rang one customer to see if they were happy with the new carpet they were awarded through our hardship fund. There was an issue with the previous carpet, and they’d had to put in a complaint to get it replaced due to a manufacturing fault, so I wanted to check they were satisfied. I also spoke with another customer in hospital with terminal cancer, to help sort out an issue with their Universal Credit. And I spoke with a utility company on behalf of a vulnerable customer to set up a repayment plan for money owed from their last home.

"Lastly, I sent some letters to various creditors who can offer token payments to support a customer in debt.

"All in all, it’s a busy day supporting customers with a wide range of needs. Some needs that people may think we can’t help them with, but we can. If a customer feels they need support, I’d recommend looking on the Futures website or calling customer services, we’re all here to help.”